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Resurrected Love by K.M. Daughters

 Book Look by Carol McClain

           The loss of their baby to SIDS and their broken marriage are agonies of grief that Beth and Jack barely survive. Separated the past three years, will a journey to the village of miracles draw them closer to the Resurrected Love of the world that He might heal their broken spirits?
            Jack and Beth Dunne travel separately to Valselo on a good-will pilgrimage to support a local orphanage. Jack uses philanthropy as an excuse to see Beth again after bitterness and grief separated them following the funeral of their five month old son three years ago. Forever soulmates, despite the seemingly impenetrable barriers they have erected between them, will they find the courage to forgive and fix their marriage? Or will they selflessly love enough to let each other go? 

About K.M. Daughters...
K.M. Daughters is the writing team of sisters, Pat Casiello and Kathie Clare. Their penname is dedicated to the memory of their parents: Kay and Mickey Lynch - “K” and “M” Daughters. The Daughters are wives, mothers and grandmothers. K.M. Daughters writes romantic suspense, inspirational romance, and contemporary romance.

I had the priviledge to interview Pat and Kathie.

What inspired you to write Resurrected Love?

The inspiration for our Gospa Journeys novellas and two full-length novels, all set in the fictional Adriatic village, Valselo, stems from meditating in a Eucharistic chapel in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina. We joined a tour group for a pilgrimage to this remote site of contemporary Marian apparitions after having visited other historic Marian sites, Fatima and Lourdes. While praying in the chapel, Kathie received the compelling direction to write fictional inspirational novels based on our “real-world” experiences there. And our “Gospa Journeys” began.

Is there one character that intrigues you more than any other? Why

Our Lady of the Roses intrigues us the most. Gloriously present in all our spiritual journeys, as writers and women, but invisible except to our three fictional visionaries, and in this installment our mysterious orphan child, She speaks for the Most High. In characterizing Our Lady in our stories, we researched Her Medjugorje messages, rather than presume to put words in Her mouth. It stunned us that out of thousands of documented messages, those fitting our stories’ spiritual conflicts emerged when we needed them.

What do you hope your readers gain from this work?

Foremost we hope our readers enjoy the people who populate our story and remain so real to us – to entertain, inform, touch them emotionally and deepen their faith. The burdens of devastating grief weigh heavily on our main characters – destructive, unbearable, paralyzing. Only God can guide through the darkness of losing a child. Faith and love can overcome any obstacle.

What would you say the main theme is?

The theme of all our novels/novellas is, love heals.

 Is there anything else you’d like to add?

The miraculous nature of events depicted in our Gospa Journeys series derives from similar occurrences associated with Marian apparitions throughout time, around the world. Maybe our stories might invite readers to explore these phenomena on their own. That would make us happy Gospa “disciples”.

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