Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pentalk: Looking Back and Looking Ahead for 2012

Hi...this is your friendly founder, Linda Rondeau, with a look behind and ahead. Thanks for joining me today. 

Pentalk’s History

In late 2010 I felt the urge to start a Facebook group for writers. Oh, there are already a bunch of those. But I found these groups were genre specific or ideologically specific.  And even within those parameters, groups splintered as to a particular aspect of writing such as craft or marketing. I wanted to form a group that would be inclusive, regardless of the writer’s experience and/or belief system. I hoped to form a place where editors, publishers, established authors and newbies could come together to support one another. So a networking forum was started, Pentalk Group.

Soon it became evident that some members didn’t want a networking site and did not want to be inundated with emails. So, a second page was created, Pentalk Community. I intended for this page to replace the group page but too many members wanted to keep the informality benefit found in the group page. Ergo…two Facebook pages were created to provide choices. (That is why some of you will see duplicate posts on these pages but only administrators’ posts are emailed on Pentalk Community page).

 Our wonderful artist, Dan Waltz designed a book cover album as its banner.  It also became evident that we needed something more to help us grow as writers. Enter Pentalk Community Blog, edited by our wonderful Carol Moncado. The blog continues to attract new readers on a steady basis. Its contents include the great Book Look, edited by our own Carol McClain, and helpful hints on improving our craft as well as articles submitted by our members. 

What’s next?

As you may note, I do not advocate arbitrarily signing folks up for the group site unless that individual has expressed an interest. I’d rather our members be willing participants. That being said, our growth is dependent upon members inviting their friends and writing associates. You are welcome to do so.  We only require that members respect one another’s belief systems and refrain from posting graphic material or using foul language. Posts should be writing related. We welcome your blog posts and links with the expectation that for every post you make you share two others. However, it is my hope that Pentalk, both pages, will be much more than a brag board. In this vein, I have made two important goals for Pentalk in 2012:

1.       Utilizing the Community page to provide forums and workshops to help us develop our craft from the newbie to the multi-published.

2.       The development of mentoring and critique groups.  Pentalk has fostered good friendships between writers and I hope this will continue to be an outcome of our efforts. It seems only logical that the next level would be to support one another in our craft development.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be gathering information from the group as to what types of forums and workshops you would like to see, obtaining a list of willing teachers and perhaps a course coordinator. If anyone is interested in this position, please email me at lindarondeau@gmail.com.

As for critique groups, this I hope will develop over time. Within the next few weeks, I’ll post a document with guidelines for requesting critiques from our members.  It is my hope that mentoring groups will develop naturally from these events.

As always, I welcome any suggestions to make Pentalk better and more useful in your writing pursuits. Email me at lindarondeau@gmail.com or pentalkcommunity@gmail.com.
Best wishes for a fruitful writing journey in 2012. 

Award-winning author, LINDA RONDEAU, writes for the reader who enjoys a little bit of everything. Her stories of redemption and God’s mercies include romance, suspense, the ethereal, and a little bit of history into the mix, always served with a slice of humor. Walk with her unforgettable characters as they journey paths not unlike our own. After a long career in human services, mother of three and wife of one very patient man, Linda now resides in Florida where she is active in her church and community.  Readers may visit her web site at www.lindarondeau.com.

Available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Christianbook.com, and Pelican Book Groups and brick and mortar stores by request. 

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